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 120toLandfall is a healthcare evacuation series that focuses on evacuation considerations and implications in Eastern North Carolina. This exercise will explore the landfall of a severe hurricane impacting Eastern NC causing a Coastal Region Evacuation and Sheltering Plan activation, host/risk expectations of the counties, Special Medical Support Shelters, and other trigger points for evacuation. The Eastern Healthcare Preparedness Coalition and the Southeastern Healthcare Preparedness Region have initiated planning that will lead to a full-scale exercise that will further test the capabilities of the healthcare system to evacuate in a time of need.



The purpose of the Eastern Healthcare Preparedness Coalition is to facilitate joint planning, response and recovery to a disaster. This will lead to the continued integration of public health and emergency management into the planning team as well as expansion to other healthcare partners like long term care, community health centers, law enforcement, and fire departments.  

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The  Southeastern Healthcare Preparedness Region's mission is to facilitate coordination and cooperation throughout the region to ensure partners have the capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergent health and medical events.  The SHPR facilitates a regional healthcare preparedness program that enables Local, Regional, and State partners to collectively improve response to and recovery from major events.

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